Why Do Men Cheat on Striking Women?

Why Do Men Cheat on Striking Women?

You might be sitting here thinking to yourself:

He’s got a thing that is good why stray? The reasoning isn’t always that easy. Simply because a lady is stunning does not guarantee a man will stay faithful. It does not excuse their infidelity but let’s have a look at factors why guys might cheat to their breathtaking others that are significant.

She’s too good: in basic terms. The pressure to reside as much as a fantastic and woman that is gorgeous be way too much for just about any man to address. It does not excuse his behavior but possibly he thinks he can’t compete. What exactly does he try to find? Somebody more like him, some body more at his level, and some one he doesn’t need to measure to. It is a individual issue and has nothing in connection with the woman he’s with therefore women should not feel harmful to being “too good.”

She’s self-absorbed: it’s likely that the stunning woman you’re with understands she’s breathtaking and that is all she’s focused on – her beauty. (más…)

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