Gay Men in Asia Show Terrifying Tales Of Rapes And Extortion on Dating App Grindr

Gay Men in Asia Show Terrifying Tales Of Rapes And Extortion on Dating App Grindr

Aware of sexuality but allured by privacy

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  • Last Updated: September 27, 2018, 10:22 IST
  • Apoorv, 31, had been really excited an individual he came across on Grindr, a dating that is popular for homosexual, bisexual and transgender men, asked him out on a romantic date. He did not expect it to show into a nightmare.

    «He appeared like a guy that is normal. We came across on Grindr, exchanged figures, pictures and quickly relocated to WhatsApp,» Apoorv stated.

    He recounts exactly how their ‘date’ had first expected to generally meet at Ramakrishna Ashram Marg metro section, then again kept changing the meeting point until Apoorv finally finished up near a secluded park.

    «I became nervously waiting from him whenever unexpectedly two guys approached me from behind, held me tightly and started raining abuses,» Apoorv stated, recalling the horror.

    Apoorv’s ordeal didn’t stop here. Two more males joined up with them in which he ended up being forcibly taken fully to a location that is unknown he had been raped and robbed.

    Apoorv stated he had been forcibly fed ‘some fluid’ and then he destroyed awareness from then on. «When we woke me and beating me one by one up they were there and kept raping. They took my phone and ATM cards – withdrew 25,000/- and tossed me away,» he recounts, their vocals breaking as he tries to recall the horrific incident which forced him to despair.

    Apoorv had been suicidal for all months that followed. It’s been five years, however the terrible event nevertheless offers him nightmares.

    The 31-year-old had then somehow were able to take an automobile to achieve buddy, a physician. (más…)

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