Facebook Reviews. Nevertheless blocked from Marketplace a week

Facebook Reviews. Nevertheless blocked from Marketplace a week

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The worst media that are social of these all.

Nevertheless blocked from market a week after this started. The so named twenty-four hour overview of appeals have not occurred, the so named «Support Inbox» provides no support. No reply to some of my messages that are multiple.

Faceless Facebook, a waste of the time setting up advertisements when they review them and block both you and never tell you why or communicate.

Furious together with them.

Prohibited using this Web Site?

We have no concept why out of the blue i acquired banned out of this web web site? The only time we am active onto it would be to express activism. We suspect some body has impersonated me personally. Lately i have already been intimately harassed and it was reported by me so that it has been that each!

This platform was made for connecting

This platform is made in Baton Rouge escort service order to connect buddies placed is perhaps all about adds ,horrible.If i possibly could I would personally offer – 5

Cancer to whoever works with Facebook

Cancer to whoever works with Facebook. Wishing you lose anything you love bast_ards.

its providing me personally notifications for any other

its offering me notifications for any other individuals feedback, we provided someone suggestions about there question, i dont be prepared to find out about all the other replies too, just what an idea that is stupid is.

Planning to execute an access that is subject and acquire the hell from the platform im tired of them dictating if you ask me just what notifications I ought to and shouldnt have

Facebook is an absolute cancer tumors of

Facebook can be a cancer that is absolute of. (más…)

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