Bumble Inventory The IPO is Complete, Invest Now

Bumble Inventory The IPO is Complete, Invest Now

Prepare to buy Bumble stock given that the IPO is here now. Open a merchant account by having a commission-free broker that provides IPO spending to eligible clients. Long-lasting buy and hold investors may prefer M1 Finance .

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05/13/2021: Bumble stocks fall sharply after first-quarter report, dipping below IPO cost 02/11/2021: Bumble stock starts for trading at $76 per share, 12:34 PM EST 02/10/2021: Bumble Prices $2.2 Billion IPO at $43 per share. Inventory trades tomorrow. 02/08/2021: Dating app Bumble raises how big its IPO offering to 45 million shares 02/02/2021: Bumble Sets Terms for IPO (see below) 01/19/2021: First Glance at Bumble – This might be Big 01/15/2021: Bumble files for IPO 01/15/2021: Bumble S-1 Filing Released to your Public. (más…)

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