“Feminism” & “Man-Hating” aren’t the same task.

“Feminism” & “Man-Hating” aren’t the same task.

Speaking unabashedly about feminism has made me personally increasingly alert to a major problem the way “feminism” is generally regarded as “man-hating.”

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There’s no shame in being vocal about our feminism—in reality, it’s sort of essential. In the end, the only path to confront problems like rape culture, the objectification of females, and outdated gender roles is when we actually speak about them.

I heard women make comments like, “I’m not a feminist because I don’t hate men,” so I knew about the association going in when I first started talking about feminism. In addition, I figured that not many individuals would associate me personally being a man-hater, just because we knew that I would personally be cautious concerning the method in which I talked. I would personally be sure that absolutely nothing We said sounded hateful, for two reasons

One that I will be taken seriously if I do sound hateful because I don’t believe in fighting hate with hate, or think. (más…)

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